Sven Giegold: ‘I don’t like to argue’

Sven Giegold (Greens) is State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Table.Media: Mr. Giegold, you have been a civil servant State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics for a good year now. Do you miss the freedom you previously had in the EU Parliament or at Attac?
Sven Giegold: The idea that one is tied up in the ministry and free in Brussels is amusing. Because if you only represent your own opinion, you remain ineffective. As soon as you strive for political power to achieve ecological and social change, you always have to act together in organizations and thus also represent compromises. This was even more true at Attac because the alliance there used to be particularly broad. In this respect, the work in the NGOs wonderfully prepared me for parliament and government.

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