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Europe.Table: The Briefing on Europe’s great transformation

Welcome to Europe.Table, my name is Till Hoppe and I head the Europe editorial team at Table.Media. My team of twelve journalists in Brussels and Berlin brings you our Professional Briefing Europe.Table every Monday to Friday morning.

We combine high journalistic standards with extensive expertise in European politics and offer a wide range of in-depth and qualitative analyses and news on and about EU climate and environmental policy, as well as digital strategy and the European Union’s health sector regulation. Read articles ranging from international European policy and technological innovation to trade and finance.

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Our Topics

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International European Policy

What domestic and foreign policy decisions is the European Union making regarding climate and digital policy? How are international rules of the game and the power structure changing?

Digital World

What are the European digital strategy limits? What new laws and regulations is the EU passing regarding data protection? How can we digitalize the energy transition?

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Technical Innovation

What are the trends in sustainable technology? What about autonomous driving and electromobility? What news is there from the chip and battery industry?

Energy future

Which energy guidelines are coming into force? What is green hydrogen and why will the energy transition not succeed without it? Is the EU prepared for energy shortages?

Climate & Environment

Why does the EU want to achieve this climate and environment goal? Why does EU policy focus on climate and the environment? And above all, what climate and environmental policy is the European Union pursuing?

Trade & Finance

What measures are EU states taking against rising inflation? Are sustainable investments profitable? How do trade agreements affect supply chains?

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