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Europe.Table is the daily Professional Briefing on Europe’s great transformation. Every workday, we report on political processes relating to climate and environmental policy and digitalization from Brussels, Berlin, and the European centers. Whether in the German government or the EU Commission, in global corporations or medium-sized companies, in universities or think tanks, in associations or NGOs, in law firms or consultancies: We provide you with all the information that matters to you – the essentials for decision-makers.

At Europe.Table, we combine the journalistic approach of leading media with extensive expertise in European politics. We offer you a wide range of in-depth and qualitative analyses, news on and about EU climate and environmental policy, and the European Union’s digital strategy. Read articles on everything from international European policy and technological innovation to trade and finance:

International European Policy

What domestic and foreign policy decisions is the European Union making regarding climate and digital policy? How are international rules of the game and the power structure changing?

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Digital World

What are the European digital strategy limits? What new laws and regulations is the EU passing regarding data protection? How can we digitalize the energy transition?

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Technical Innovation

What are the trends in sustainable technology? What about autonomous driving and electromobility? What news is there from the chip and battery industry?

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Energy future

Which energy guidelines are coming into force? What is green hydrogen and why will the energy transition not succeed without it? Is the EU prepared for energy shortages?

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Climate & Environment

Why does the EU want to achieve this climate and environment goal? Why does EU policy focus on climate and the environment? And above all, what climate and environmental policy is the European Union pursuing?

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Trade & Finance

What measures are EU states taking against rising inflation? Are sustainable investments profitable? How do trade agreements affect supply chains?

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Professional Briefing

Europe.Table Professional Briefing combines quality with in-depth coverage. Receive all news and articles in your inbox every weekday morning. Our editorial team compiles the most important topics to keep you up to date on Europe-related issues.

Our Team

The Europe.Table Professional Briefing team consists of a broad network of German and international experts. Both our editors and our publishing staff offer extensive knowledge of European politics.

Ulrike Christl
Europe.Table Project Manager
+49 30 30 809 521  

Ulrike Christl is the project manager of Europe.Table. She manages our marketing strategies and cooperations. Ulrike is the bridge between the editorial and the online publishing team.

Florian Ebert
Europe.Table Consultant
+49 30 30 809 524

Florian Ebert is Europe.Table’s most important customer contact, working closely with the project manager and the editorial team lead. Whether you have questions about content or prices, Florian will be happy to assist you.

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Our editorial team looks back on many years of experience with leading German-language media. Their weekday digital offering would fill several pages in a printed newspaper.

Till Hoppe leads the Europe.Table team. He has written articles on supply chains, technological progress, and digital transformation.

Charlotte Wirth reports as a freelance journalist from Brussels. She writes mainly about EU politics, the environment, and migration for Europe.Table.

Falk Steiner works for Europe.Table in various capacities on the economic, social and political effects of digitalization and its regulatory design. 

For Europe.Table, Eric Bonse reports on the “European Green Deal” and European climate and digital policy.

For Europe.Table, Timo Landenberger looks at the broad range of issues concerning the Green Deal and takes a look at EU agricultural policy as well as the industrial and energy sectors or the transport sector.

Lukas Scheid focuses on climate, energy, and the environment. So far, he has written articles on battery recycling, the 1.5 degree target, energy costs, and more.

Sarah Schaefer works for Europe.Table as a freelance journalist in Berlin and writes about society, business and local issues.

Manuel Berkel writes for Europe.Table about energy, raw materials and the circular economy.

Leonie Düngefeld keeps an eye on all topics related to sustainability, circular economy and critical raw materials for the Europe.Table.

Mobility, agriculture and trade are among the topics Markus Grabitz is pursuing for the Europe.Table.

Ella Joyner writes for Europe.Table from Brussels about EU defense policy and NATO.

Stephan Israel writes from Brussels about the crises and construction sites of the EU.

For Europe.Table, Claire Stam writes a weekly column titled “What’s cooking in Brussels” on the political events on the European stage in the coming week.

Corinna Visser reports at Europe.Table on digital policy in the European context.

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Table Professional Briefings are a new information service for top decision-makers and experts in business and science, politics, administration, NGOs and associations. Table.Media’s Professional Briefings combine the quality of leading media with the in-depth focus of expert information: Clearly defined topics are accurately and comprehensively analyzed by large, experienced expert editorial teams, independently and up-to-date: Table Professional Briefings are offered every morning, weekly, or daily via email and online on our website.