Letzte Aktualisierung: September 30, 2022

China's prettiest myth of 'half the sky'

By Johnny Erling
Johnny Erling schreibt die Kolumne für die China.Table Professional Briefings
"Women hold up half the sky" is one of Mao Zedong's most famous one-liners. Truth be told, he never actually said this. To this day, women in China are largely excluded from political power. Economically, on the other hand, they are steadily rising to the top of the world.
China experts all over the world are puzzling over who will sit alongside party leader Xi Jinping in the country's new inner leadership in three weeks. Known, but of little help to their predictions, are the names of the 2,296 delegates. They will gather in Beijing on October 16 for the 20th Party Congress and elect a new Central Committee (CC), just like they did five years ago. About two-thirds of the previous 370 full members and candidates will be new members of the CC. But it is only the lowest level in the three-tier party power pyramid. The CC is to appoint the top 25 officials for the Politburo from its ranks, the next highest platform of power. Only then will the names of seven of its members, including Xi, who will ascend to the Politburo Standing Committee, be revealed. As members of the inner leadership, they operate the actual levers of the CP rule. Presumably, not a single woman will be among them.
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