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Today in China.Table:

The WHO’s next attempt at uncovering virus origin
A new science group of the World Health Organization wants to uncover the origin of the Covid pandemic. German virologist Christian Drosten may be among them. The lab theory is not officially the focus of interest – it is more about genetics and intermediate hosts. Nevertheless, those responsible are hoping to gain new insights. Is China opening up to sample collection? continue reading →
Image of Mayer-Kuckuk Finn
by Finn Mayer-Kuckuk
Master of surveillance wants to go public
SenseTime is the first big-name Chinese startup to go public since the dawn of tech crackdowns. Because the company offers surveillance software, it is under pressure outside the country. But Beijing could also make life difficult for the company continue reading →
Image of  Table.Redaktion
by Table.Redaktion
Evergrande continues to miss payment deadlines
Everyone’s suspicions are now being confirmed: Evergrande can’t service its loans. The real estate group is missing one payment deadline after another. But the International Monetary Fund still believes China can cope with the situation without major consequences for the entire economy. Meanwhile, Evergrande’s car division made a surprise announcement. continue reading →
Image of Mayer-Kuckuk Finn
by Finn Mayer-Kuckuk