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‘It has gotten tougher’
Bettina Schoen-Behanzin, representative of the Freudenberg Group in Shanghai and President of the local EU Chamber, talks about the opportunities and risks for German companies in a more self-confident China. The interview was conducted by Frank Sieren. continue reading →
Image of Sieren Frank
by Frank Sieren
‘A different Germany’ – WeChat as an alternative news source
Getting German news beyond the official state media is often hard for Chinese readers. Some WeChat channels that specialize in political events and social phenomena in Germany aim to provide a more differentiated picture. We present three of them. continue reading →
by Renxiu Zhao
Presence in Taiwan – and a spiced-up quote
While German delegates make their appointments in Taipei, Beijing fulminates in its usual fashion about “interference”. Meanwhile, a supposed quote from the head of the delegation, Klaus-Peter Willsch, made international rounds – but it was a retranslation of an overly enthusiastic translation into Mandarin. continue reading →
Image of  Table.Redaktion
by Table.Redaktion