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IOC justifies risks of Olympics app: turning a blind eye
The IOC defends the awarding of the Winter Olympics to Beijing with tooth and nail. Even warnings from IT experts about security holes in the My2022 registration system are shrugged off by the sports federation headed by the German Thomas Bach. The Olympic Sports Confederation only advises its athletes to delete the app immediately after their return from China. continue reading →
Image of Grzanna Marcel
by Marcel Grzanna
Walmart case: cybersecurity as leverage
Walmart has been reprimanded by Chinese authorities for alleged cybersecurity law violations. The timing is no coincidence. Like other Western companies, the US retailer is facing pressure from Beijing over its refusal to sell products coming from Xinjiang. continue reading →
Image of Sieren Frank
by Frank Sieren
An anti-corruption TV show captivates the nation
Xi Jinping has unleashed a new wave of anti-corruption crackdowns. The usual ideological embellishment has now received a pop-culture aspect. The public can gorge itself on spectacular criminal cases of greed and bribery in the form of a TV show. This legitimizes purges and thus bolsters the party’s power. continue reading →
Image of Mayer-Kuckuk Finn
by Finn Mayer-Kuckuk