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The adzuki bean

红豆 – hóngdòu – adzuki bean

Lovers in China are willing to “trade an entire universe for a small adzuki bean” (一整个宇宙换一颗红豆 yī zhěnggè yǔzhòu huàn yī kē hóngdòu). At least, that’s how singer Fish Leong (梁静茹Liáng Jìngrú) originally sang it in her 2009 song “Love Song” (情歌 qínggē). The boy band beaus of “Mayday” (五月天 Wǔyuètiān) from Taiwan already wondered in their 2005 hit “John Lennon” how “a red bean wants to single-handedly shoulder the weight of the universe” (一颗红豆为何想单挑这宇宙 yī kē hóngdòu wèihé xiǎng dāntiāo zhè yǔzhòu). And China’s music queen Faye Wong (王菲 Wáng Fēi) straight up named an entire song after the blood-red mini bean.

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