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“Gnawing raw meat”

啃生肉 kěn shēngròu -

Do vegetarians have to be very strong now? Immediately the all-clear: no. Because this article is not really about the courageous bite into a raw, bloody steak, but rather about “gnawing” on hard-to-digest spiritual food. Because 生肉 shēngròu – literally “raw meat” – is the term used in China’s net community to describe foreign films, series, cartoons and the like that have so far only been available in the foreign language, i.e. have not yet been “predigested” by appropriate translation for the Chinese audience. Those who can’t wait and watch such clips in advance, armed only with a few shaky foreign language skills or – even worse – with the help of more or less reliable translation software, have a hard time biting. Or, as the Chinese would say, he “gnaws on raw meat” (啃生肉 kěn shēngròu). Linguistically pre-translated bite-sized productions are accordingly called 熟肉 shóuròu – “cooked meat”.

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