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Wonderful flowers

奇葩 – qípā – “Wonderful flowers”

How are things in your office garden or in your private environment? Is everything growing in order, or are there perhaps one or two exotic plants sprouting up among colleagues or acquaintances? In China, plants that stand out from the biomass are called 奇葩 qípā – literally exotic or strange flowers. It describes oddballs or eccentrics who attract attention with a wacky lifestyle, offbeat ideas or crazy clothes. Sometimes it is also used in a derogatory sense. But it is also used as an adjective – as in 有奇葩的想法 yǒu qípā de xiǎngfǎ “to have weird ideas/views” or 做奇葩的事情 zuò qípā de shìqing “to do weird things”.

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