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To nurture codes

养码 Yǎngmǎ – To nurture codes

Do you have a caring streak? Or even a helper syndrome? Then you can really let off steam in China (at least linguistically). Because in the Middle Kingdom, you’ll be nurtured for all you’re worth. Responsible for this course of cuddling is the verb 养 yǎng an amazing all-rounder among the caring verbs. The semantic heart of this word chameleon beats in tune with German to-do-words like “to raise” and “to bring up” (e.g., children – 养孩子yǎng háizi). However, it is also understood in the sense of “to keep, care for, breed” (e.g., dog and cat – 养狗 yǎng gǒu and 养猫 yǎng māo – or plant -养花 yǎng huā). However, Chinese nurture professionals do not stop there by a long shot.

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