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学习ing – xuéxí-ing – “learn”-ing

What activities do you hate to be disturbed in? Maybe while “eat-ing” (吃饭ing – chīfàn-ing), “read-ing” (看书ing – kànshū-ing) or maybe while “rest-ing” (休息ing – xiūxi-ing)? When China’s “Generation Online” immerses itself completely in the moment, language and grammar boundaries become irrelevant. Chinese also has its own progressive form (吃饭 chīfàn = “to eat”, 正在吃饭 zhèngzài chīfàn = “to eat”/”to be eating”). But in Chinese Internet lingo, the English “ing” form has gained a certain “coolness”. China’s young Internet community – which is still familiar enough with the English suffix from grammar lessons in school – is now using the word suffix creatively, adding it not only to Chinese verbs but also to nouns for example and thus creating all kinds of new word creations.

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    Ice stick
    Pot carrier
    Seed face
    Stupid egg