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Daniel Rötting: From orchestra to luxury floor

Daniel Roetting is the Head of the trading company Plix Trading

Daniel Roetting has been living and working in Beijing for ten years. When he moved to the Chinese capital in 2012, he started there as CEO and partner of the trading company Plix Trading Co., Ltd. Two years earlier, he was already the European representative of this company. His main task in Beijing is to market items from the high-end, luxury living sector. “At that time, I only knew China as a tourist,” the 53-year-old recalls.

But how did the German end up in China? “It all started with my mother’s late Sinology studies and her curiosity about the people and their culture.” Initially, Marlis Roetting went to China as a tour guide. This was followed by an unexpected job offer from Moevenpick Hotels to staff a new five-star hotel. Today’s honorary Hamburg ambassador later co-founded the German Chamber of Commerce in China, among other things.

First as orchestra manager in China

Daniel Roetting stayed behind in Hamburg with his two sisters and his father. His interest in the country and its people grew with each visit to China. He first studied law at the University of Hamburg for three years. Afterward, he decided to study at the University of Music and Theatre in Hamburg. For more than 15 years his commitment as an international stage director, orchestra and cultural manager took him to Italy, Spain, Austria, Japan and also China.

When his father unexpectedly passed away, the three siblings were still in apprenticeship. Marlis Roetting had built up her life’s work in Beijing and stayed there. Her son, who had shifted his focus to the cultural-commercial field quite early on and was also enthusiastic about design and architecture, found his new calling in Beijing with the job as CEO and partner of Plix Trading: “For me, it doesn’t make much difference whether I sell an orchestra or a product. The main thing is that you have to master the product that you want to bring to the world.”

High-quality wooden flooring for the People’s Republic

The product in question is the Hinterseer Parquet, which is highly valued on the Asian market for its quality and zero pollutants. The manufacturer ships the high-quality wood flooring to China via the port of Hamburg. On-site, the Plix Trading team takes care of sales to the various buyers: designers, architects, industrial partners and retail. A second mainstay of the company is trade consulting: “We advise companies on setting up their own branches in China,” says Daniel Roetting. This begins with the search for a suitable Chinese brand name and extends to tracking down the most relevant initial business contact.

“Yue Da,” Daniel Roetting’s Chinese name, considers himself a European through and through. The cornerstone for business success? “We Europeans have to be honest with the Chinese, appear clear, open and, above all, confident,” Roettting is convinced. “Then we will be taken seriously.” Another door opener is the Chinese language. It is also essential to think in longer terms. “Arriving in China and building something up takes time.” Daniel Roetting has long since arrived: he found his partner in Beijing. He volunteers at the German Protestant Church and in the Kantorei. Daniela Krause


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