Xi Jinping: China will be ‘invincible’

President Xi Jinping has reiterated his political program to make China more self-reliant. The world is in “turmoil” and China must therefore strive for greater self-sufficiency, he said in a speech published in the party journal Qiushi. Such statements by the state and party leader are seen in China as directives for action by cadres at all levels. “Fundamental and unprecedented changes” are taking place around the world, Xi said. It looks “as if this situation will continue for some time,” he said. His country needs to achieve a new balance between opening up to the world and greater independence, he said. “As long as we stand on our own two feet and are self-reliant, maintaining a vibrant flow of goods and services at home, we will be invincible – no matter how the storms change internationally,” the dpa news agency echoes his words. Globalization is in retreat, he said. fin

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