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Timmermans calls for China’s participation in loss and damage fund

EU Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans has called on China to help fund a so-called loss and damage mechanism. The EU climate czar said at COP on Wednesday, “China is one of the largest economies in the world. Why shouldn’t they share responsibility for financing loss and damage?” Commenting on a proposal by the negotiating group known as “G77 plus China,” Timmermans said, “According to the G77 proposal, all developing countries should be supported. We believe that we need to focus on the most vulnerable countries.” “G77 plus China” includes 155 “developing countries” and the People’s Republic. The grouping is based on a classification in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that is just over 30 years old. In addition to China, the developing countries here also include now economically strong states such as Singapore and Qatar.

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