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Stockpiling in Taiwan after Covid infections

In Taiwan, the number of new Covid infections has risen rapidly from a low level. The government is now trying to salvage its previously very good pandemic record. The island nation served as an international role model regarding Covid containment. On Saturday, 180 new Covid infections were reported in Taiwan, compared with just 29 new cases as recently as Friday. President Tsai Ing-wen raised the alert level for the capital Taipei as well as surrounding regions. Since the weekend, no more than five people have been allowed to gather indoors. A new limit of ten people applies outdoors. While schools, government offices, offices, as well as most shops remain open, strict masking and distance rules apply again. Leisure and entertainment facilities such as bars and sports centers have been forced to close across the country as part of the restrictions, which are due to last until May 28. The government urged the public to refrain from hoarding purchases.

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