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Peru stops Sinopharm test

In the development of its Covid vaccine, Chinese manufacturer Sinopharm has suffered a setback. As reported by Deutsche Welle, Peru has suspended clinical tests of the company’s vaccine due to health problems in test subjects. The United Arab Emirates was the only country to have approved the Chinese vaccine in early December, the first time details about the effectiveness of a Chinese vaccine had been made public. In the crucial third phase of the trial, the vaccine was found to be 86 percent effective, according to the Emirati Ministry of Health. In China itself, in addition to Sinopharm with Anhui Zhifei Longcom, CanSino and Sinovac, three other companies are in the final stages of vaccine development. Final approval domestically has not yet been granted to any of the companies, but this is expected in the coming days. China has set a target of bringing 600 million doses to market by the end of the year. State media have been reporting for weeks about restricted vaccinations of certain groups of the population – such as military personnel and hospital staff, but also diplomats and employees of state-owned companies. Sinopharm alone says it has already administered its vaccine to more than one million people. gko

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