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EU politicians expect approval for Sinovac

According to the health policy spokesman of the EPP group in the European Parliament, Peter Liese (CDU), the approval of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine in the EU will still take some time. He expects it to take months rather than weeks, Liese told China.Table. One reason is that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) also has to carry out on-site inspections, which is “not so easy” in China. The EMA has had the review process for Sinovac underway since early May. Sinovac is not urgently needed for the vaccination campaign in the EU and Germany because, as Liese points out, the supply volumes of BioNTech will increase strongly at the end of July. In addition, approval for the CureVac vaccine is expected in June. However, the Chinese Sinovac vaccine could be considered for children in the future, Liese said, because it is an inactivated whole virus vaccine and not an mRNA vaccine.

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