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Beijing is growing and getting older

China’s capital continues to experience a significant influx. Beijing currently has 21.9 million inhabitants. This is reported by the Xinhua news agency. That is 2.3 million more people than ten years ago. The increase by almost a tenth does not fit in with the government’s plans: after the city had grown from six million to more than 15 million inhabitants since the mid-1980s, the administration tried to change course. Migrant workers were made aware that they were no longer welcome. For example, the authorities deliberately demolished neighbourhoods where many of the migrant workers lived. In addition, special economic zones were set up around the capital to further relieve the metropolis. But Beijing is not only getting bigger, it is also getting older. The capital is aging even faster than the rest of the country, figures show. One fifth of Beijing’s population of regular residents (hukou) is now over 60 years old. fin

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