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Tamás Matura – China expert from Budapest

Tamás Matura, Assistant Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest and Founder of the Central and Eastern European Center for Asian Studies.

Like many of his fellow political science graduates, Tamás Matura actually wanted to specialize in the European Union. But then China piqued his interest – and the emerging superpower never let go of the Hungarian politics student. “There have been countless competent EU experts and also many Orientalists who dealt with important questions of China’s culture, history, and calligraphy. But only a handful of people in Hungary knew anything about modern Chinese politics and economics – even though it was already clear that China would become the power of the 21st century,” the 37-year-old recalls.

A short time later, it became clear that Tamás Matura had chosen his niche wisely: in 2012, China established the “16+1” economic cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries in Budapest, and he was involved as a young researcher. Today, Matura works as an assistant professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest and is the founder of the Central and Eastern European Center for Asian Studies.

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