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Nora Frisch – China’s heart between two book covers

Nora Frisch wants to show the diversity of China with her Drachenbuch publishing house – away from economics and politics.

“The negative image of China has made my work more difficult,” says Nora Frisch. With the books published by her Drachenhaus publishing house, the sinologist, who was educated in Vienna, Beijing, Taipei and Heidelberg, actually wants to present China’s diversity outside the realm of economics and politics – a diversity that is unfortunately often neglected in current debates. “China is full of individual fates that you just can’t throw into one pot.” The program of her publishing house, founded in 2010, is accordingly wide-ranging: It includes novels, history books, graphic novels, children’s books and cookbooks, as well as classics of Chinese philosophy such as Lin Yutang’s “My Country and My People” from 1935. “Since then, the Chinese mentality has never been described so intensively and in such detail as in Lin Yutang’s work,” explains Frisch. And that hasn’t changed much, despite China’s economic boom. “That makes his books still relevant.”

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