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Niao Wu – out of the corporate calm into the air

Niao Wu – architect and founder of the start-up Onyo

Has Niao Wu reached her goal? What a question. Of course not. Never. Although the 35-year-old architect has already built the innovation center for BMW in Shanghai, kicked it up a notch at the Boston Consulting Group, and founded her start-up Onyo in Munich in 2021. With her company, she provides sustainably produced work furniture for the home – for lease. “Homeoffice-as-a-service,” she advertises. But for Wu, the journey is always the destination. “Getting better, getting stronger,” she says, “and giving back to society.” That’s how the energetic woman describes the inner drive that led her from Haining in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, its capital Hangzhou, and now to Munich.

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