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Nargiza Salidjanova – China perspective from Washington

Nargiza Salidjanova, Director of the China Department of Rhodium Group.

Sometimes the right timing is crucial for success. This is what Nargiza Salidjanova experienced herself. “My career in China studies has been characterized by really good timing so far,” says the current Director of the China department at Rhodium Group, an independent research institute headquartered in New York. When Salidjanova first began to focus more closely on China during her undergraduate studies, the People’s Republic had just been admitted to the World Trade Organization. “What an excellent opportunity for a business student to follow the integration of a communist country into the global economic system in real time.” In 2007, she traveled to China for the first time. The country was preparing for the Summer Olympics, and the global financial crisis was looming on the horizon – another pivotal year.

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