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Katharina Droege – the Green with a global political perspective

Katharina Droege is the economic policy spokesperson of the Green parliamentary group in the German Bundestag.

Katharina Droege has taken a clear position on the investment agreement between the EU and China (CAI). The 36-year-old is the economic policy spokesperson for the Greens in the Bundestag. The German government does not coordinate sufficiently with its European partners when it comes to trade policy with China: “The agreement was once again an example of Germany going ahead, consulting with France and presenting the rest of Europe with a fait accompli.” In doing so the Chancellor was more concerned with concluding the agreement at the end of the Council Presidency than with the human rights situation in China. In her opinion, the EU should, in principle, ban the import of products resulting from forced labor. “The burden of proof would have to be reversed. Chinese companies would have to be transparent about how their products are made if they want to export to Germany or the EU,” says Dröge.

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