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Harald Kumpfert – Sustainable in China’s Ruhr area

CEO of NEcreat China and Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in Shenyang

“Beijing has become a real slog,” complains Harald Kumpfert. But the CEO of NEcreat has no problems making a plea for his adopted home of Shenyang. Nevertheless, the eight-million metropolis northeast of Beijing carries old burdens when it comes to its image. “Shenyang is still known as the Ruhrpott (Germany’s coal-mining region) of northern China,” says the 56-year-old. Its chemical industry, coal, and ore mining frequently caused poor air quality in the city, he says. It is precisely in these power-intensive industries that Kumpfert’s concept of NEcreat comes into its own. He offers power conserving solutions to companies, hotels, and factories – a hot topic in electricity-hungry China.

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