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Evelyne Gebhardt – a true European with a commitment to China

Evelyne Gebhardt is Vice-Chair of the China Delegation in the European Parliament since 2019

Evelyne Gebhardt is a true European. The visitor notices this as soon as she greets her. The 67-year-old speaks perfect German – with an unmistakable French accent. Her love of German studies and a German man brought her from Île-de-France to Baden-Württemberg when she was very young. And it is this European spirit that also carries her political commitment to human rights. “Civil rights, illimitability, overcoming war have always been very important to me,” explains the politician, who lives in the German city of Schwäbisch Hall. This is the reason why she became an MEP in the first place: “Fundamental rights are what make up our European identity, and I want people in other countries to be able to enjoy the freedoms that accompany them. So when the Chinese government tells us that human rights in China are none of our business, I say clearly that that is not true. We have to get involved.”

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