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Fighting “white pollution” with bioplastics

China likes to think big, not small. And so it hardly comes as a surprise that the production of bioplastics is also being launched on a grand scale. One particular company, the chemical company BBCA Group from Bengbu, is a pioneer in this field. According to a report in the Japanese newspaper Nikkei , the company plans to massively expand its capacity for a new type of preliminary product based on corn starch or sugar cane. The BBCA plans a production volume for 2023 that will exceed what’s currently available on the entire global market. Namely, around 700,000 tons of polylactic acid (PLA) per year. The forecast for global PLA sales for 2023 is 370,000 tons, Nikkei Asia writes. “We want to show our answer to white pollution,” the newspaper quoted BBCA president Li Rongjie as saying.

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