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Uyghur refugee Mihrigul Tursun – ‘Many people trust Germany’

Mihrigul Tursun

The authorities in Xinjiang have accused Mihrigul Tursun: She thinks “too Uyghur.” She was three times detained in internment camps for several weeks, beaten and tortured with electric shocks. One of her babies died under unexplained circumstances in the care of the authorities. Meanwhile, her Egyptian husband applied 18 times for a visa at the Chinese embassy in Cairo until he was allowed to enter the country in 2018. In exchange for a promise not to go to court abroad over the dead child, Tursun was granted permission to return to Egypt. She eventually turned to the United States for help, where she sought asylum and testified before Congress. Now, together with German journalist Andrea C. Hoffmann, Tursun has written a book about her experiences. “Ort ohne Wiederkehr – wie ich als Uigurin Chinas Lager überlebte” (Place of No Return – How I Survived China’s Camps as a Uyghur, Heyne, 277 pp.) is a chilling testimony to Chinese human rights crimes in Xinjiang.

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