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Eileen Gu in the maelstrom of geopolitics

Eileen Gu zieht eine Grimasse vor einem Olympia-Logo
Eileen Gu grimaces during the slopestyle competition in Beijing. She only won silver in her last attempt. Overall things aren’t coming up aces for Gu.

If it’s up to the exceptional athlete Eileen Gu, then sport alone will be the focus at the Olympics in Beijing. On Tuesday, she already won two medals, gold in big air and silver in slopestyle. Today, Thursday, she won the qualification in the halfpipe, it is her parade discipline. The medals will be decided on Friday. But the Chinese-American ski freestyle ace is getting more and more entangled in political controversies. On the one hand, this is due to clumsy to ignorant behavior. But the geopolitical system conflict between the West and China also plays a role. An identity both as Chinese and US-American seems impossible in these times. The home country of Gu’s mother is not just any country but an emerging great power that is under fire in the West for its human rights violations.

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