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China.Table Professional Briefing brings you the latest information, directly from Beijing, Brussels, and Berlin. Whether in European governments or the EU Commission, in global corporations or medium-sized companies, in universities or think tanks, in associations or NGOs, in law firms or consulting companies: We provide you with all the information that matters to you. Everything that is essential for decision-makers.

China.Table combines journalistic excellence with extensive China expertise. We offer a broad range of in-depth information on everything that happens in and around China.

Domestic & Foreign policy

What domestic and foreign policy decisions has the Chinese Communist Party made? How are international rules of the game and the power structure around Xi Jinping changing? From the 14th Five-Year Plan of the CCP, the significance of the 19th Party Congress, China’s diplomatic relations to geopolitical hot spots in Hong Kong, Taiwan and more – all the latest news and reports on politics and social issues in China.Table! 

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Technology & Innovation

What are the latest trends in sustainable technology? How is China shaping energy policy? What is new in the battery industry? What are the latest developments in autonomous driving and electric mobility? From the automotive industry to technological innovation and sustainable technology – all the latest news and reports on technology and innovation in China.Table!

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Finance & Trade

How does the current trade policy affect the logistics industry and supply chains? What effects do China’s currency and debt policy have on other countries? From boycotts and sanctions to China’s new Silk Road, IPOs and the real estate bubble – the latest news and articles on finance and trade in China.Table!

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Society & Culture

What is China’s society thinking about population policy, sustainability, gender and sexism, social justice, discrimination, occupational safety, or the health care system? What career prospects do Chinese graduates have today, and how is the state dealing with the aging population? From the pressure of the patriotic education system to new family policies – all the latest news and reports on society and culture in China.Table!

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Science & Health

Which sciences is China focusing on? How does China plan to establish itself as a center of innovation, research and development? From problems of scientific cooperation with foreign countries and patent releases to Covid vaccines and their approval – all the latest news and reports on science and health in China.Table!

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Professional Briefing

China.Table Daily Briefing

China.Table Daily Briefing combines quality with in-depth coverage. Receive all news and articles, every weekday morning, straight to your email inbox. Our editorial team compiles the most important topics for you, so that you can stay up to date on China-related issues.

China.Table Weekly Briefings

China.Table Weekly Briefings are the perfect balance between timeliness, compactness and quality. Receive all relevant news and articles on the topic of your choosing, every morning, straight to your email inbox. You pick the content, we deliver quality with depth.

The English version of the Weekly Briefings will be accessible soon.

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Our Team

As a key medium for China reporting, the China.Table Professional Briefing team consists of a broad network of German and international experts. Both our editors and our publishing staff offer extensive China expertise.

Florian Ebert is our main contact person for customers and interested parties of China.Table. He works closely with the project and team management. If you have any questions about content or prices, Florian will be happy to help out.

Book a meeting with Florian Ebert.

Wanda Nick is responsible for cooperations. She is the bridge between the marketing team and the editorial team.

Ulrike Christl coordinates the profiles for various tables. She writes profiles herself and conducts interviews with potential candidates.

Our editorial office is the largest independent German-speaking China editorial office. Our editors have many years of experience working for leading German-language media and as China correspondents. Every weekday, they provide digital news and reports that far exceed that of all printed dailies combined.

Finn Mayer-Kuckuk is the team lead of China.Table. He reports on the interplay between the Chinese and German economies, digitalization and IT, as well as China trends in the German capital.

Nico Beckert’s main topics are German-Chinese relations, economy and finance, the New Silk Road, and Chinese climate policy.

Marcel Grzanna focuses mainly on topics related to civil society, human rights and technology. He has written articles on China’s Covid vaccine and the National Security Law for Hong Kong, among other topics.

Gregor Koppenburg writes mainly about civil society, human rights and culture in China. For China.Table he has written articles on Hong Kong democracy activist Benny Tai, the Chinese government’s Five-Year Plan, and the Chinese movie market.

Christiane Kühl’s focus is on mobility, climate protection, environment and energy. For China.Table, she has worked on topics such as Chinese players in electromobility, Chinese emissions trading and the issue of nuclear power.

Felix Lee’s focus is on Germany’s relationship with the People’s Republic as well as China’s foreign and global economic policy.

Michael Radunski reports on politics, economy, culture and sports. For China.Table he has written pieces on human rights in Hong Kong and Xi Jinping’s domestic policy.

Amelie Richter keeps an eye on everything that happens between the European Union and China for China.Table. She has written about topics such as Huawei, human rights issues, and CAI.

Frank Sieren mainly covers economic topics. He writes on topics including finance, the stock market, and the e-yuan.

Ning Wang writes about business, political, cultural, and social issues. She has written articles on feminism, the elderly, and the Coronavirus.

For China.Table, Fabian Peltsch writes on Chinese foreign policy, the automotive sector, and the chip industry.

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Quality with depth

Table Professional Briefings are a new information service for top decision-makers and experts in business and science, politics, administration, NGOs and associations. Table.Media’s Professional Briefings combine the quality of leading media with the in-depth focus of expert information: Clearly defined topics are accurately and comprehensively analyzed by large, experienced expert editorial teams, independently and up-to-date: Table Professional Briefings are offered every morning, weekly or daily via email and online on our website.