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Welcome to the China.Table. The Professional Briefing from Beijing, Berlin and Brussels. Every morning. By and for experts in commerce, science, state, NGO. Be our guest now.

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The China.Table Table Professional Briefing reports from Beijing, Brussels and Berlin. Whether in the German Federal Government and the EU Commission, in global corporations and medium-sized companies, in universities and think tanks, in associations and NGOs, in law firms and consulting companies: We provide you with the information that is important to you. The decisive for the decision-makers.

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At China.Table we ame to combine the journalistic approach of leading media with extensive China expertise. We provide you with a wide range of indepth information on and around China.

Latest news and posts on China

Outrage at the courage of the WTA
China is fuming over the cancellation of all women’s tennis tournaments in the country. Above all, the Global Times berates the WTA. This shows above all: The suspension has had an effect, the case of Peng Shuai can no longer be cheated out of the world. Meanwhile, the debate about a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics is growing louder. The IOC is maneuvering. continue reading →
Image of Kühl Christiane
by Christiane Kühl
Metaverse in China: a brave new world
The “metaverse” is also the tech buzzword of the hour in China. With gaming giants like Tencent and high 5G coverage, the People’s Republic is ideally equipped for the creation of a virtual parallel world. However, the government remains skeptical and is focusing on decoupling in the metaverse as well. continue reading →
Image of Peltsch Fabian
by Fabian Peltsch
Baerbock strives for ‘dialogue and toughness’ towards China
As German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock does not want to “gloss over or hush up” critical issues in the dialogue with China, but rather face the “systemic competition”. Above all, she wants to work toward joint European solutions and put an end to Germany’s unilateral approach. Experts believe Baerbock can create a European and transatlantic consensus among allies with this program. However, there are also concerns about a break with Beijing. continue reading →
Image of  Table.Redaktion
by Table.Redaktion

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China.Table Team

Being a key medium on China expertise, China.Table has both in-house staff, as well as a broad network of experts at home and abroad.

Wanda Nick
China.Table Project Manager
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Wanda Nick is the project manager of China.Table. She manages our marketing strategies and cooperations. Nick is the bridge between the editorial and the online publishing team.

Kashyap Kumar
China.Table Consultant
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Kashyap Kumar is China.Table’s most important costumer contact, as he works closely with the project manager and the editorial team lead. Whether you have questions about content or prices, Kumar will be happy to assist you.

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Our editorial staff is likely to be the largest independent German-language China editorial team. Its expert members have years of experience working for leading German-speaking media. Their daily digital offering would fill several pages in a printed newspaper.

Finn Mayer-Kuckuk is the team lead of China.Table. He reports on the interplay between the Chinese and German economies, digitalization and IT, as well as China trends in the German capital.

Nico Beckerts main topics are German-Chinese relations, economy and finance, the New Silk Road and Chinese climate policy.

Marcel Grzanna focuses mainly on topics related to civil society, human rights and technology. He has written pieces on China’s coronavirus vaccine and the National Security Law for Hong Kong, among other topics.

Gregor Koppenburg writes mainly about civil society, human rights and culture in China. For China.Table he has written pieces on Hong Kong democracy activist Benny Tai, the Chinese government’s five-year plan, and the Chinese cinema market.

Christiane Kühl main focus is on mobility, climate protection, environment and energy. For China.Table she looked at the Chinese players in electromobility, Chinese emissions trading and the topic of nuclear power, among other things.

Felix Lee’s focus is on Germany’s relationship with the People’s Republic as well as China’s foreign and global economic policy.

Michael Radunski reports on politics, economy, culture and sports. For China.Table he has written pieces on human rights in Hongkong and domestic policy of Xi Jinping.

Amelie Richter keeps an eye on everything happening between the European Union and China for China.Table. She has written on pieces from Huawei and human issues to CAI.

Frank Sieren focuses mainly on economic pieces. He looked at topics related to finance, stock exchange and E-Yuan, among others.

Ning Wang writes topics on business, politics, culture and society. She has written pieces on feminism, the elderly and Coronavirus.